Relief Cover Practitioner

Salary: £5.95 to £8.00 /hour Bank staff / relief cover All Year 30-03-2019 Level 2 childcare qualification

Cover Staff Childcare Practitioner


Lead Practitioner, Deputy Manager and Manager


• To provide a high standard of care and education for all children

• To work as an active member of the staff team

• To ensure children are safeguarded from harm

• To provide service delivery within the requirements of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, Development Matters and Every Child Matters


We are committed to and champion equality and diversity in all aspects of employment with Chestnut Nursery School Limited. All employees are expected to understand and promote our Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policy in the course of their work.

Main Duties and Responsibility


To make sure all children have full access to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, you will be told which practitioner you will be covering, please check planning to ensure any planned activities which have been planned by the practitioner are carried out, if not please complete mini-observations on their key children.
To help create and foster development, safety and welfare of the children including the positive management of children’s behaviour
To work as part of a team to plan, prepare and deliver activities to meet the individual needs of all children under Chestnut Nursery School’s care including those with Special Educational Needs
To work as part of a team to provide activities and resources within the nursery which reflects the multi cultural nature of the local community
To provide a welcoming, happy, safe and friendly environment for all
To develop an awareness and understanding of religious, ethnic and cultural differences and to incorporate these into activities and the daily routine of the nursery
To help prepare and serve snacks and main meals for children in the nursery, being aware of individual dietary requirements and following the nurseries food policy
To contribute to providing a safe and secure environment for the children in the nursery
To welcome all parent/carers and introduce themselves as a cover member of staff, and ensure detailed daily handovers if required to do so.
To be a good role model for students and help new staff settle into the nursery environment
To take responsibility for the care and use of resources
To follow the daily nappy changing routines if covering in that room.

To ensure all necessary steps are taken to keep children safe and well
To report any concerns to the nominated safeguarding officer
To ensure the observe, record, report procedure is followed
To understand Chestnut Nursery Schools safeguarding policy and procedures
To keep abreast of any changes to the safeguarding policy and procedures

To relay all information regarding parents, carers and children which is made available to you as a result of your work to the appropriate person. To know and treat some information as confidential to yourself and your line manager

To complete accurate records of children as required by the nursery including mini-observations

To maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness at all times in relation to yourself, children, equipment and the environment, undertaking cleaning duties as necessary

To be constantly aware of health and safety procedures in regard to the nursery premises, children, other staff, visitors and parents.

To make yourself and others aware of the policies and procedures in place at the nursery and put them into practice.

To undertake training as required.

To comply with the nursery’s equal opportunities and inclusion policy and its implementation and to apply it to all aspects of work at the nursery.

To carry out any other duties which from time to time may be considered relevant to the post and within the scope of the post holder.
Salary: £5.95 to £8.00 /hour