Deputy manager

11.01 Full time All Year 28-07-2019 Level 4 childcare qualification
Avenue Out of School club is looking to recruit a deputy manager.
This post is for deputy manager, however the successful candidate would be required to take on the role on interim manager for the duration of the managers maternity leave (July 19'-March 20').

Interim manager post details
Hourly rate: £13.90
Hours: between 30 and 40 per week (TBC)
 Managing a team of Play Leaders and Play Workers, maintaining appropriate staff levels, recruiting and appraising staff (with support from the Management Committee), managing day-to-day personnel matters, coordinating staff meetings, identifying training needs and training provision
 Managing club numbers, ratios and registrations
 Ensuring effective day-to-day financial management and effective reporting of this to Management Committee as required; liaising with support staff to ensure wage, sickness and leave payments are accurately recorded and carried out
 Developing and maintaining effective marketing and communication to parents, club users to promote the Club and develop its services
 Ensuring that the health and safety of the children and staff at the club, to include child protection, the monitoring and checking of equipment and premises and the recording of accidents
 Oversee the monitoring, safety and replacement of equipment at the club and ensure that concerns over equipment.
 Oversee the coordination a programme of activities that is interesting, valuable and appropriate to the children using the club by providing a variety of play and learning opportunities and identifying and accommodating changing needs
 Ensuring the safety and well-being of the club users through checking equipment, undertaking first-line child protection measures and organising appropriate activities at any given time
 Ensure the accountability of the club through the maintenance of agreed records including registers, contracts doctors, accident books, financial transactions etc.

Deputy manager post details
Hourly rate: £11.54 for breakfast club, £11.01 for deputy manager hours, £12.06 when leading the session
Term time hours:
Monday 7.45am-8.45am and 2.45pm-6.15pm
Tuesday 7.45am-8.45am and 2.45pm-6.15pm
Wednesday 7.45am-8.45am and 2.45pm-6.15pm
Thursday 7.45am-8.45am and 2.45pm-6.15pm
Friday 7.45am-8.45am and 2.45pm-6.15pm
+1 hour per week for a staff meeting
+Additional admin hours by mutual agreement

School holiday hours:
between 20-40 per week. Shifts are 8am-1pm, 1pm-6pm or 8am-6pm.

•To be a member of a multi-disciplinary team, communicating and working together to create an environment in which children’s development is fostered in a safe, secure environment
•Be jointly responsible for providing high quality play opportunities, ensuring that staff are properly deployed and offer appropriate stimulation and support to the children
•In the absence of the manager take responsibility for running the session
•In the absence of the manager or to support the manager- undertake necessary admin tasks
•To take part in the daily activities of the club including: carrying out activities with children, food preparation and ensuring the setting is kept clean and tidy
•Help to plan and supervise the daily programme of activities and events and be responsible for carrying out particular activities with the children i.e. craft or group games
•Ensure that children are appropriately supervised at all times
•Ensure that your practice is of a good quality
•Contribute to the evaluation of events and activities
•Contribute towards your own staff appraisal and inform the manager of any training needs you feel you have
•Help supervise staff on a daily basis and monitor the quality of childcare practice
•Contribute towards staff appraisals and identify training needs of staff
•Support the manager to challenge and develop practice
•Support and advise less experienced workers
•Support the manager to ensure records are properly maintained, e.g. daily attendance register, accident and incident book, financial records
•Liaise closely with parents/carers, informing them about club, exchanging information about children’s progress and encouraging parent’s involvement
•Ensure the club is a safe environment for children, that equipment is safe, standards of hygiene are high, safety procedures are implemented at all times
•Liaise with the manager, committee and other professionals as necessary and ensure that all legal and statutory requirements are implemented: to provide reports where necessary
•Adhere to, promote and monitor the implementation of the clubs policies and procedures
•Encourage positive behaviour by acting as a good role model
•Ensure that the setting is fully inclusive for both staff members and service users
•Advise the manager of any concerns, accidents/incidents
•Act as a Safeguarding Lead Practitioner alongside the manager
•Attend training and meetings as required i.e. staff and committee meetings
•Ensure that your own professional knowledge/development is kept up to date in order to carry out the role successfully
•Support the manager in the delivery of staff meetings

Successful appointment is subject to a clear DBS check and receipt of 2 satisfactory references.
To apply for this role, download the application form below , or email Jo: [email protected]